Designing your own logo is a way to save you a significant amount of initial website investment. Besides, you can both practice basic skills and thinking about design.

Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English, but are great in remembering signs

One of the necessary skills if you want to join the internet business game.

Out there, there are dozens of ways you can design your own logo from easy to difficult. But to try it all, it takes a while to learn them. So I will guide a single method that I think is extremely simple

Don’t worry, even if you’re not technically or designing you are confident that you can immediately follow it.

Step 1: Initialize the logo

First, go to Tailor Brands website to create an account. Maybe you don’t know, Tailor Brands is an online logo design tool recommended by many experts because of its simplicity and professionalism. After this article you take the time to learn Tailor Brands because it is definitely very useful for you later.

Here I will choose the NUNU logo as an example for you. Then select the industry business like the image below

Choose the type of logo you want and some of the patterns you are targeting

Wait 1 minute your logo has been created.

Step 2: Redesign the logo

You have selected a sample logo like that. Next, change your logo’s color, font, size, … You should enlarge the logo as much as possible.
Finally, the work is completed. Click the download button on the upper right of the screen.


You can tweak your logo after purchase

What’s Included? Tweaks include as many changes as you like to colors, layout and tagline of your purchased logo.

Step 3: Create transparent photo background

If you download the image immediately (unpaid), the image background is not transparent. Because Tailor Brands has limited this feature for free accounts. You have to pay if you want to split the background.

But don’t worry, the internet world always has alternatives. It is Lunapic. Click on the link to go to Lunapic’s homepage.

Go to Edit> Transparent background> Choose file

You already have a logo to use for your website.


We recommends that you pay for the logo created with high quality instead of 320×320 size when downloading for free. You can get more features for only $3.99/month


Self-designed logo saves you a lot of time and cost. This method is not intended to create a perfect logo but can completely meet the basic web design needs.

During the implementation process, if you do not understand, please leave a comment below.